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Lecturer, Lucica ARMANCĂlucica-armanca

Accounting/Accounting and economic analysis

Date and place of birth: 08 July 1965,  Frata , Cluj county, Romania.

I. Education:
1986-1991 : Babes Bolyai University, Faculty of Economic Sciences, specialization Finance – Accounting
PHD studies: 
2009-2012: PhD in Agronomy, Specialization Management and Marketing in Agriculture, USAMV Cluj Napoca                              
Areas of specialization:
2008: certified by chartered accountant active in Cluj CECCAR
2010: expert access European structural and cohesion funds in the Project ContaPlus,Bucharest

II. Academic experience:
2004-present , local Economic Sciences  Department at accounting, accounting and economic analysis
1996-2004  extern associate of accounting discipline.

III. Research domains of interest:
             – accounting/ management and production of herbal products
             – financial accounting of business diagnosis meat processing units and bakery units
             – accounting / adopting and implementing software  for management  and economic
               analysis   in units producing agricultural
             – organization and management of  accounting for business simple  entry type: PFA,
               Individual enterprises and Family business.
Professional affiliations:
  • 2008  -Cluj CECCAR –member active

Significant achievements

  • Publications and presentations:
    • Books: Accounting book practical work (collaboration)
    • Scientific works: 16 works, of which the first author to eleven works. 
 October, 2016     
PhD Lecturer Lucica ARMANCĂ