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Lecturer Adrian ZAHARIA, PhDadrian-zaharia

Ornamental Arboriculture

Date and place of birth: 28.05.1978, Place Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County.

I. Education:
University studies: University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Horticulture, Specialization Horticulture, 2002.
PhD studies: 2010, Horticulture, Ornamental Arboriculture, USAMV Cluj-Napoca, leader Prof. Dumitru Zaharia, PhD.
Areas of specialization:
  • MSc. Degree – Horticultural crops in controlled climate, 2004.
  • MSc. degree – Landscape design and maintenance of green areas, 2010.
Scholarships: 2000 (3 months), Erasmus scholarship, Agriculture Larenstein College, Deventer, Olanda;

II. Academic experience:
  • Practical works at Dendrology
  • Course and Practical works at Floriculture, Sp. Horticulture, IInd year
  • Practical works at Producing planting material for dendrological and floricultural species, Sp. Landscaping, IVth year
  • Course and Practical works at Ornamental Arboriculture, Sp. Landscaping IInd year
  • Course and Practical works at Development and maintenance of green spaces, Sp. Landscaping IVth year
  • Course and Practical works at Arboriculture and landscaping, Horticulture IIIrd year
  • Course and Practical works at Ornamental woody species for landscaping (master)
  • Course and Practical works at Special technology of landscaping for green spaces (master)
  • Course and Practical works at Special technology of maintenance for green spaces (master)

III. Research domains of interest:
The cultivation technology, resistance to various stresses factors: drought, high humidity or application of herbicides and fertilizers on Semepervivum and Sedum species, various woody and herbaceous ornamentals, landscape architecture.
Professional affiliations:
  • Romanian Rose Society
  • Society of Horticulture and Forestry of Transylvania
  • Association for Landscape Architectures from Romania – ASOP
Significant achievements:
  • Books:  2 (co-author)
  • Scientific papers: 62 scientific papers published in specialty revues, journals, from that: 21 as first author
  • Research grants:
    • Research project CNCSIS 295, CLUJ-NAPOCA 2006, project director.
    • Director of a project won in an internal competition. Sponsor: UASVM Cluj-Napoca, 2012
    • Member in research team of several projects: CEEX, CNCSIS, Horizon 2000 Grant Romanian Academy, World Bank etc. 
 October, 2016                                                                                                    
Lecturer Adrian ZAHARIA, Phd