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Professor Marcel DÎRJA, PhDmarcel-dirja

Field of study: Land reclamation

Date and place of birth: 12.09.1963, Suceava, Suceava County

I. Education:
University studies: Faculty of Constructions, Land Reclamation
PHD studies: Doctor in Agriculture and Horticulture, 1998
Areas of specialization: land evaluation expert, certificated by MAAP (2002); Post-university course: ‘’Cadastre Modern Techniques and Technologies’’, Petroșani Technical University (2003)

II. Academic experience:
  • assistant professor (1992-1997);
  • lecturer (1997-2000);
  • senior lecturer (2000-2006);
  • professor (since 2006)

III. Research domains of interest: soil erosion; landslides; plant irrigation in protected areas; excess moister

Professional affiliations: General Association of Romanian Engineers (AGIR) since 2000; National Romanian Committee of Irrigation and Drainage (CNRID) since 1995; National Romanian Society of Soil Science (SNRSS) since 1997; Ecological Agriculture Society (SAE) since 1998; member of National Council of High Education Financing (CNFIS) since 2015; founder member of Horticulture and Forestry Society from Transylvania.

Significant achievements:
  • Books and scientific papers: author or co-author of 24 manuals, treatises and monographies: 7 – single author, 9 – firts-author; 8 – co-author;32 ISI Conference Proceedings; and over 50 scientific papers published as first-author; in the country and 10 abroad published papers as first-author.
  • Research grants: 4 CNCSIS projects as Project Director; 7  national projects as Project Member; 2 international projects as Project Member.
Other mentions: CNCSIS evaluation expert; ANEVAR evaluation expert; since 2012 – Director of Land Reclamation, Terrestrial Measurements and Physical Sciences; Member of Scientific committee of Agricultura Journal (BDI); Member of Scientific committee of Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca, Horticulture (BDI); Member of Scientific committee of The XVIII National Conference od Soil Science, with international participation, „100 Years of Romanian Soil Science – Soil Resources Management and Use, agricultural environment protection and rural development in Central and North-Western Romania”.
Octombrie, 2016 
Professor Marcel Dîrja, PhD