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Professor Horia Radu CRIVEANU, PhD

Field of Study: Physics, Biophysics and Agrometeorologie



Date of birth: December 19, 1951, City Cluj Napoca, Cluj County.

I. Education:
  • University studies: Babes Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Physics 1975
  • Phd Studies: 2003 PhD in Agronomy, Cluj-Napoca, scientific coordinator Prof. dr. Alexandru Salontai;

II. Academic experience:
  • Biophysics and agrometeorologie course
  • Specialization Landscape, Horticulture, first year;
  • Biophysics and agrometeorologie course
  • Specialization Agriculture, Montanology, EMAIA, first year;
  • Physics course, Specialization MTC, first year,- Course Biophysics, Department IPM first year,
  • Biophysics and agrometeorologie course – Specialization IMIT, IMAP, IEA, second year
  • Biophysics course, agrometeorologie and climatology – Specialization Forestry, first year
  • Practical work specialization MTC, first year- Practical work specialization IPM, first year

III. Research domains of interests:
solar radiation, physical fields, influences modulators of type AD on medicinal plants and trees
Professional affiliations:
  • member National Society of Physics-member Of the Romanian National Soil Science
  • member Of the International Union of Soil Science Societies (IUSS) Bioagricultirolor of Romania,
  • member of the Association
  • member of Bioterra
Significant achievements:
Books and scientific papers:
  • 2 books (first author):
    • Criveanu, H., – Agrometeorologie 2004 classic and modern DIGITAL DATA Publishing, ISBN: 973-7768-02
    • Criveanu, H., Georgeta Taralunga – 2004 Elements of physics and meteorology applied biosystems, DIGITAL DATA Publishing, ISBN: 973-7768-03-5
  • Scientific papers: 110 published in journals, books, journals, anal etc.
Research grants:
2002-2004: Changing the genome of species of medicinal plants under the action of bacteria and variable intensity magnetic fields. NURC. Rehabilitation and Sustainable Reuse of old farm buildings in Transylvania, Romania,
2003-2005: Investigation of transport hydrogen atmosphere -sol-plantă- structures using isotopic tracers natural,
2005-2008: CEEX, “integrated database application for adjustment and restructuring of natural and artificial environmental protection in agri-livestock farms”

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Prof. Horia R. CRIVEANU, PhD