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Professor Emil LUCA, PhDEmil Luca

Land Improvement, Irrigation, Rural Development, Land Management and Ecology,

General Agriculture and Horticulture

eluca@usamvcluj.ro; emil.luca@yahoo.com

Date and place of birth: 28th February 1955; Agriș-Iara, Cluj County

 I. Education
University studies – Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture, specialization: Agriculture, Cluj-Napoca (1983);
PHD studies -Doctor in Agronomy, 1994;
Areas of specialization: Romania, Italy, France, Great Britain, Austria, Hungary, Holland; Professional Journalist Certificate (1988, 1991);

II. Academic experience:
  • professor (since 2001);
  • senior lecturer (1997-2001);
  • lecturer (1995-1997);
  • assistant professor (1990-1995);

III. Research domains of interest: Exploitation of land reclamation systems and crops irrigation; arrangement, irrigation and management of green spaces; soil erosion; the influence of technological elements upon yields of some crops used to obtain biofuels; ecological agriculture;
Professional affiliations:
  • general Secretary of Romanian Ecological Agriculture Society (since 1993);
  • member of National Romanian Committee for Irrigation and Drainage (since 1995);
  • member of Transylvania Plant Protection Society (since 1998);
  • member of the Romanian National Society for Soil Science (since 2001);
  • member of Ecoinspect, the first Romanian organization for control and certification of ecological products (since 2002);
  • member of The Research Board of Advisors, American Biographical Institute (since 2003);
  • founding member of The Society of Horticulture and Forestry from Transylvania (since 2009);
  • member of the Professional Journalists Union (since 1991);
  • president of the Journalists’ Society from Romania – SZR – (Cluj subsidiary);
  • member in the Permanent Comity of SZR (1990-1991);
  • CEO of Agro Transilvania Center from Cluj-Napoca (2008-2012);
Significant achievements:
Books and scientific papers: author or co-author of 20 manuals, treatises and monographies and of over 260 scientific papers published in the country and abroad;
Research grants: 1984 – 1988 – Research projects regarding spring cereals breeding (SCA Turda); 1991-2000, Director, Responsible or Member of research teams  funded by Agriculture Ministery, Education and Research Ministery, and ICITID Baneasa; After 2000, Reasearch Grants CNCSIS, BIOTECH, CEEX, MAKIS etc. – (USAMV Cluj-Napoca): 2002 – 2004 – The study of technology, water consumption and irrigation regime on the main field crops (corn, soybean, potato, sugar beet) under sub-humid area of Transylvania; 2002 – 2005 – Obtaining food from vegetable protein, Project BIOTECH; 2006 – 2008 – National and international network of quality assurance of biofuels and promoting a project PC7, BIO-Q-NET, CEEX; 2005 – 2008 – Portal to integrate tourism resources and services, ARSIP, CEEX; 2009-2010 – Partner –Responsible – MAKIS research grant; 2011 – 2012 – Partner –Responsible – European project „Leonardo da Vinci”, financing by Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Sierra de Cadiz, Spania, project between Uniunea Munţii Apuseni (host partner) and Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Sierra de Cadiz, Spania;

IV. Other mentions: Director of studies at Long Distance Studying – Faculty of Horticulture (2000- 2004); doctoral degree leader in Exploitation of land reclamation systems and crops irrigation specialization; Scientific Secretary of the Faculty of Horticulture (2004-2009); Member of USAMV Cluj-Napoca Senate (2008 -2011). Creations, Academic Honours and Awards: Co-author of the sorts: Speranta – common spring wheat, Turdeana and Aura – spring barley for beer; National Board of the Journalists in Romania Award (1988); “Nicolae Saulescu” of ASAS Award (2005); 2009 – Honory Diploma – to celebrate 140 years of agronomic education of Cluj; 2009 – Anniversary Medal – for his contribution as a senator in the development of education and research and affirmation of UASVM Cluj-Napoca; 2009 – Diploma of Excellence – for contributing to the development of organic farming, Bioterra – Romania; 2011 Diploma of Merit – awarded by the Câmpia Turzii Municipality; 2014 – Diploma of Excellence – Bioterra – Romania; 2015 –“Gh. Ionescu Siseşti” Award of Romanian Academy, for the published paper “ Rape – present and future of biofuel production”; Activity in the written press: chief editor, editor or contributor of some local and central publications: editor and secretary of Universitary Napoca review (1981-1984); editor in the subeditorial office of Students’s Life – Cluj-Napoca (1981-1984); editor of Faclia (1988-1989) and The Truth of Cluj (1989- 1991) publications; chief editor (founder) of the Agriculture Journal (since 1992); editor responsable of the Informative Gazette of USAMV Cluj-Napoca (since 1995); editor of Bioterra review (since 1999); General Editor of Transilvania’s Life review (since 2007).

May, 2016

Professor Emil LUCA, PhD