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Professor Florica Matei, PhD – Mathematics and Computer Science

Florica Matei



Date and place of birth: 26/04/1973, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

I. Education:
University studies:
1991-1995 Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Major in Applied Mathematics, Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
1995-1996 Master of Science Applied Mathematics (Nonlinear Operators and Differential Equations), Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2004-2006 Technical Univ. Cluj-Napoca, Postuniv. studies Applied Informatics and Programming
PHD studies: 1996-2000 PhD student in Mathematics, Babes-Bolyai University, Romania
Areas of specialization: Fourier analysis, mathematical modeling of life science phenomena, Principal Component Analysis, Geographical Informational Systems.
22 October – 9 November 2007, College on Soil Physics, ICTP Trieste –Italy
8 March – 2 April 2004 Workshop on Modeling in Life and Material Sciences and in Technology ICTP Trieste –Italy.

II. Academic experience: (i) 2014-prezent, professor Dept. of Land Measurements and Exact Sciences; teach: Calculus I & II, Biomedical statistics, Geodetic Astronomy, GIS (ii) 2007-2014, associate professor, taught: Calculus I & II, Statistics, GIS; (iii) 2002-2007, lecturer, taught: Calculus I &II, GIS (iv) 2001-2002, teaching assistant, taught: Calculus I, Fundamentals in Computer Science.

III. Research domains of interest: (i) Geographical informational systems
(ii) Local and global characterizations of physical chemical signals
(iii) developing software product for signal processing using Fourier analysis and Fourier transform
(iv) Principal Component Analysis

IV. Professional affiliations:
Member in: Romanian Mathematical Society, Society of Horticulture and Forestry from Transylvania, EMS, AMS.

V. Significant achievements:
Books: 5 books and 2 chapters in international publisher;
Scientific papers: 53 scientific papers, 12 ISI scientific papers with IF
1. Rednic, N. Aldea, P. Mărginean, M. Rada, A. Bot, Z.Wu, Z. Jing, Florica Matei, Heat treatment influence on the structural properties of supported Ni nanoclusters, Metals and Materials International, Vol 20(4), 2014, 641-646
2. Aldea N.; Kolipaka K. L.; Rednic V.; Matei F., 2011, JOAM, Vol 13, Pages: 1581-1585
Research grants: (i) Researches on the dynamics of water infiltration into the soil and its influence on Landslide / ID_893 / 2007-2010 / UEFISCDI (project manager);(ii) Obtaining technology, structural and electronic characterization of supported metal catalysts with direct applications in environmental protection / PN2-32119 / 2009-2011 / UEFISCDI (project manager for UASVM) (iii) Reduction of gas emissions greenhouse using supported metal catalysts. Technology for obtaining, preparation and physical-chemical characterization / PN 2-22098 / 2009-2011 / UEFISCDI) (project manager for UASVM)

Other mentions:
April 2016- present, head of dept. Land measurements and exact sciences;
2011-2015 Chairman of Ethics and academic integrity committee, Faculty of Horticulture2011-2015 member of the UASVM Senate, member of Ethics committee of UASVM
2008-2011 auditor for quality management systems ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 19011: 2002

May, 2016

Professor Florica MATEI, PhD