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Concursuri - posturi didactice

A N U N Ţ - Privind concursurile pentru ocuparea posturilor didactice

Posturile didactice vacante au fost publicate în Monitorul Oficial Nr 218 din 8 iulie 2011 

Metodologia de concurs se găseşte pe site-ul USAMV:

Regulament privind ocuparea posturilor didactice

Legea Educaţiei Naţionale 

HOTĂRÂRE Nr. 457 din 4 mai 2011 privind aprobarea Metodologiei-cadru de concurs pentru ocuparea posturilor didactice şi de cercetare vacante din învăţământul superior - Monitorul Oficial 371 din 26 mai 2011

Informaţii: site-ul universităţii ( şi al ministerului (



Manifestări ştiinţifice:


September 29-October 1, 2011




Scientific Journeys of the BIOVEG network

September 27-29, 2010


The BIOVEG network supports the research in plant biotechnology, broadly, of the in vitro culture, genomics and transgenesis process in a perspective of agriculture and sustainable development.

 XII Scientifc Journeys of the BIOVEG network: “Plant biodiversity and food diversification”

XII-èmes Journées Scientifiques du réseau à Cluj-Napoca: “Biodiversité végétale et Diversification alimentaire”


First announcement - Première annonce (PDF)


September 30-October 2, 2010



Invitation to publish scientific papers

Dear scientists,

I invite you to publish scientific articles in the new journal entitled

Notulae Scientia Biologicae


in all domains of life sciences and medicine.

Also, I invite you and your collaborators, colleagues to disseminate information about opportunities for publication in this journal and contribute with scientific papers in future issues.

We have already managed to promote journal into databases that provide a broad international vision (DOAJ, getCITED, IC, CAS, TropHort, Genamics JournalSeek, e-journals etc.). Now, the journal is rated by other specialized scientific basis and we hope this year will be include in others well-know databases.

We expect your cooperation and we wish you success in your activities!

Radu SESTRAS, General Editor



Invitation "The 2nd International Symposium on Medicinal Plants, their Cultivation and Aspects of Uses"


Prof. Dr. Radu SESTRAS,

On the behalf of the scientific and organizing committees of

“The 2nd International Symposium on Medicinal Plants, their Cultivation and Aspects of Uses"

which is organized by our University and will be held on 3-4, November, 2010 in Petra, Jordan.

It is my pleasure to invite you to participate in this symposium. The topics of the symposium include different fields of research related to medicinal plants which aim to bring together researchers from all over the world with their recent achievements in medicinal plant industry.

I will be also more than glad if the invitation for the Symposium and further updates can have a hyper link in your web site as part of an increasing cooperation between our research groups.

For detailed information on the symposium please look at the attached file. Hoping to accept my invitation.


All the best wishes,

Ezz Al-Dein Muhammed Al-Ramamneh,

PhD Assistant Prof.

Al Balqa Applied University, Al Shouback University College, P.O. Box 547 Postal code 11910 Sweileh-Amman,



Adrese MECI

Adresă - Direcţia de Sănătate Publică Judeţeană Cluj

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