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Lecturer Elvira OROIANelvira-oroian

Foreign languages – French department

Tel. 0264-596384, int.125

Date and place of birth:  30.09.1954, Hida, Sălaj District

I. Education:
University: 1979-Faculty of Letters, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca
Areas of specialization:
  • 1996- Refresher course, France, 5 weeks
  • 1998 – Refresher course, Bucharest, 1 week
  • 1998- Refresher course, France, 1 week
  • 2008- Refresher course, Toulouse, France, 1 week
Doctoral degree: PhD candidate since 1.11.1998, Department of General Linguistics of the Faculty of Letters of Cluj-Napoca, PhD thesis in process of finalization

II. Academic experience
  • 1979-1990 – The Agroindustrial Highschool in Hida, District of Sălaj
  • 1990-2016 – University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca
  • 1990-1994 – teaching assistant French language
  • 1994-2006 – lecturer French language
  • 2006-present – assistant professor French language

III. Research domains of interest

  • doctoral research in General Linguistics;
  • co-project leader for AUF project ”Renforcement du français et de la recherche en français pour les étudiants non-spécialistes dans un climat multiculturel et francophone”;
  • co-project leader for ʻThe study of genetic variability for the creation of cyprinid (Cyprinus carpio) populations in North-Western Transylvania for the employment of genetic and associated biotechnology markers for the sustainable preservation of the genofundʻ – MGCRAP”,2005-2008;
  • co-project leader ”Phenotype assessement and genetic chracterisation by means of molecular techniques of wild boar populaions SUS SCROFA FERUS with the establishment of impact factors on ecosystems, for the avoidance of species genetic vulnerabiliy” 2008-2012;
  • International grant (Partners: USAMV Cluj-Napoca, Faculté Universitaire des Sciences Agronomiques, Gembloux, Belgique, National Agricultural University, Chişinău, Republic of Moldavia, 2003-2005, member)

Professional affiliations:

  • member in the Research Association in French Linguistics (ACLIF),
  • member in the Society of Horticulture and Forestry, member in the Amicii Rozelor society.

Significant achievements

Publications and presentations:

  • Books: 2004- Le français pour les agronomes, Oroian Elvira, AcademicPress
  • 2006 – Anaphor and cataphor as discourse phenomena, Oroian Elvira, Ed.Risoprint
  • 2009 – Cours pratique de français pour les  spécialisations à profil agronomique, Oroian Elvira, Ed.Risoprint
  • 2014 – Communiquer en FOS coautor; Ed. Mons; Belgia
  • 2015 – Le français pour la foresterie Oroian Elvira, Ed.Risoprint

Scientific papers: over 70 paper

October, 2016

PhD Lecturer, Assoc. Prof. Elvira OROIAN